Reminder: oracular seidhr for May, and prayers for Queen Anne

anne_boleyn_600My next upcoming oracular session will be held on the evening of Saturday, May 18th.

Last Saturday evening, I concussed myself while getting some veggies for dinner out of the fridge.  This has happened before; fibromyalgia can make you accident-prone when you are overtired, and I had been doing a lot of running around that day.  It was definitely the worst concussion I have suffered to date; I was in excruciating pain for about 15 minutes to a half hour, and my pupils were actually two different sizes for a while.  I was nauseated, but did not pass out.  My cognitive abilities are okay, but I am still recovering from the effects (I have a lot of the symptoms of post-concussive syndrome: poor balance, dizziness, nausea, forgetfulness, poor judgment, anxiety, weird pins and needles sensations, and shakiness).  I have to take a lot of things a bit slower for the time being.  Seidhr, however, will take place as planned next weekend!

This year I have made several changes in the process for submitting a question, so please read this page and make sure you understand the changes and the new information before sending me a request for an oracle, as if you do not follow the new guidelines your question/s will be rejected. This is not for the purpose of being a hardass, but to make it possible for me to offer you the extra sessions I have added (11 this year as opposed to the 5 I held in 2012). And if you can do so at all, please do consider donating this year, to help support my devotional practice, if you submit a question. It is still not required, but I am working fewer hours now due to chronic health problems (and also had to miss two days of work due to my recent concussion; see above) so it is always appreciated!

The day after seidhr, May 19th, I will be celebrating an annual festival I created in honor of Queen Anne Boleyn, who is one of my most prominent Disir and the Lady who stepped in and put my ancestral house and practice in order.  The festival takes place on the anniversary of her beheading on false charges of adultery and treason in 1536.  I mark this day by processing to the Owen Memorial Rose Garden here in Eugene, where I leave gifts for Her and offer up prayers to Her and on Her behalf, and then back at home I prepare a Tudor era-inspired feast which we share with Her.

Since many of my readers have expressed support for Anne as well, this year, I would like to add something a little extra to this observance and invite you to send me your prayers for Her.  You can email them to me at, and I will also offer Her your words in tribute to Her, as well as my own, at the rose garden (which is a gorgeous site, by the way–the perfect setting in which to honor Her, England’s martyred Queen and blood red rose).

I will post another reminder about this a couple of days before the festival.

Thank you!