Hail Earth, That Giveth To All

Earth Day at the Nunnery! Unfortunately, I am working today and already out of sorts, having started the day out with a panic attack and a nose bleed (mostly from a combination of exhaustion and nervousness over the ritual I have coming up on Walpurgisnacht. I did indeed, as Jo mentions, begin setting up the new Nine Herbs Garden in our fenced backyard this weekend, but it’s too tiny and incomplete to photograph as yet. (I may not even manage to find all Nine Herbs this year.)

Strip Me Back To The Bone

Interestingly enough, the photo I have to share isn’t of Jord’s shrine — largely as Jord’s shrine is not yet assembled in our household. On earth day we of course think of Her, but my thoughts also turn to the various Mothers of the Gods, specifically Bestla and Rhea. Our plans for the day involve getting dirty — evening out the garden bed that will grow some of our food this summer, so that we can get planting, mostly. This is the first year I’ll have any experience in a not-frame garden bed, so it’ll be interesting. Our neighbor managed to get his to look nice and even, and I am to follow that example. And, then, we’ll plant the leeks that Beth brought home on Saturday. And I’m ignoring my need to Plan Everything, because experience will give me more knowledge than planning will. (The bed is something crazy…

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  1. We need a name on the outside of our house. You are awesome, and I love you. You need to be better to yourself and thus hopefully avoid “napkins” that make your nose bleeds worse! 😦

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