Reminder: oracular session for March

My next upcoming oracular session will be held on the evening of Wednesday, March 20th.

This year I have made several changes in the process for submitting a question, so please read this pageand make sure you understand the changes and the new information before sending me a request for an oracle, as if you do not follow the new guidelines your question/s will be rejected.  This is not for the purpose of being a hardass, but to make it possible for me to offer you the extra sessions I have added (11 this year as opposed to the 5 I held in 2012).  And if you can do so at all, please do consider donating this year, to help support my devotional practice, if you submit a question.  It is still not required, but I am working fewer hours now due to chronic health problems (I am “invisibly ill”) so it is always appreciated!

Thank you!