New post at my PaganSquare Blog

I’ve just published a new post over at my PaganSquare blog, in which I elaborate a little more on the subject of daily devotions–specifically, my thoughts on the most important factors to keep in mind when establishing your own.  You can read more here.


2 thoughts on “New post at my PaganSquare Blog”

  1. Love that post. Thanks so much for sharing ❤

    I agree about the consistency and the energy. It's like building a friendship–you can't do that if you don't give Them any focus, time or energy consistently.

    1. Yes, that is a very good analogy! Another important thing is that there needs to be give and take involved. Obviously, what we gain from the relationship is going to be a whole lot more obvious to us than what They are getting out of it, but He has made it very clear to me that He DOES gain quite a bit from it, and also that He has His own distinct feelings and wants and needs that are not necessarily always the same as mine. This may sound obvious, but part of recognizing the gods as real and distinct beings is really listening for what They want, just as you would with a human friend, and being willing to make sacrifices or at least compromises when your wants conflict. (Such as, my wanting to take the post down and His insisting that it stay up. Guess who won? :))

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