Another amazing post on the importance of walking your own path and not letting the comments and opinions of others get you down. I used to allow these type of interactions to upset me, but have reached the point, finally, where I am able to take what is useful to me from it and discard the rest. Unfortunately, too often there is also an ego-driven aspect to these comments, and it helps to recognize that when it occurs and to realize that if that other person feels threatened by your practice they are really not as secure in their own as they pretend to be.

Queen of the Waiting Ones

I wonder if anyone ever notices the writing trends on my blog.  I typically write about my personal observations and occasionally opinions, and frequently poetic accounts of my practices.  But, I usually stop short of offering solid details, or even much in the way of explanations regarding what I do.  And there are reasons for this, mostly revolving around specific taboos. However, I’ll admit to having held back certain things, based mostly on how others might react, which is never good, as my focus should always be on what Apollon approves of sharing, not on other people’s opinions of the subject matter.

Once, I wrote a post briefly concerning a personal devotional celebration that I hold for Apollon, which has for me, become synchronized in part with His annual return from Hyperborea.  I probably wasn’t clear enough about the nuances of the celebration and its references to Delphi and Hyperborea…

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