Jolene on Friday night’s Gamelia festival. I’m so proud of her for going ahead and doing this, as I know it wasn’t easy for her. Hail Zeus and Hera!

Strip Me Back To The Bone

This past Friday our household held a small observance for Gamelia, in honor of Hera and Zeus. Preparing for the festival helped me realize that I am in a period of ease when it comes to adding things to the walls. Typically, change in my environment has to come slowly or panic sets in, and I do challenge this, but this week it’s been easy. As in, what else can I get up on the walls while this is still so easy? I’m still searching around for images of Zeus and Hera separately to go on their wall-space, under the one I have of them together. Also, preparing for this festival made me realize just how much I want to do *more* for others that are not Poseidon and are nevertheless important to Him. I know this, and I then forget, and then I’m back to remembering again. One would…

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