Oracular sessions for 2013

I’ve just finished working out my oracular session dates for 2013.  This year, the season will begin in February (due to the fact that I have been hit with a major flu bug this month–something that almost never happens as I am always dosing myself with antiviral and antibacterial herbs).  Also, since after reading Galina Krasskova’s excellent book Neolithic Shamanism I have been inspired to start a practice for Mani, this year I will be trying something new and holding the sessions on the ninth day of every lunar month.  This is partly to encourage myself to pay more attention to the lunar cycle (which was very important in Anglo-Saxon religious and magical practice, so this ties in very well with my path in general), and also because it’s yet another way to work Odin’s sacred number, nine, into my practice.

So, without further ado here is the schedule for the upcoming year:

February 18th
March 20th
April 19th
May 18th
June 17th
July 17th
August 15th
September 14th
October 13th
November 12th
December 11th

In the interest of making it easier for myself to keep track of my various web presences, I have shut down my former Weebly site, which used to house my oracular seidhr page, and relocated that over here.  PLEASE READ THIS PAGE and make sure you understand the changes and the new information before sending me a request for an oracle, as I have set several new rules for this process, and if you do not follow them your question/s will be rejected.  This is not for the purpose of being a hardass, but to make it possible for me to offer you the extra sessions I have added (11 this year as opposed to the 5 I held in 2012).  And if you can do so at all, please do consider donating this year, to help support my devotional practice, if you submit a question.  It is still not required, but I am working fewer hours now due to chronic health problems (I am “invisibly ill”) so it is always appreciated!

Thank you!


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  1. Wow, I’m surprised to see you upping the amount of sessions, and I hope it works out better for you overall.

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