An excellent post from Del on the prerequisites of “doing the Work,” and on how we all struggle to balance its demands with our physical and financial needs. As someone with fibromyalgia and many dietary restrictions due to IBS, who is also working a full time job (or 3/4 time, anyhow) and trying to run a little online store too–well, I can really relate to a lot of this, and it illustrates why Odin always tells me to “Take care of My wife” before giving me anything else to do. Finding time for people is important to me too, but it has to be balanced against so many other things.

Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars

So often, when someone wants something spiritual to happen to them, us grumpy kids tell them they’ve got to do ‘the Work’ in order to achieve it. Yet, how often do we really stop and define what that means? What ‘Work’ have you done to get to where you are in your spiritual journey?

I know many people are waiting with baited breath to hear about what happened to me on Dec 28th, but I’ve been busy, you see. Busy doing all sorts of things that fall under that category of ‘Work’, whether or not it looks like it.

First and foremost, doing the ‘Work’ means taking care of yourself. Making sure you’re eating foods that do good things for your body, whatever you’ve found that makes your body, mind, and soul operate at peak performance. If you’ve trying to make (or maybe force) a spiritual evolution to happen, but…

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