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  1. I can imagine how good this smells with all those aromatic oils! This is beautiful to the eye too.

      1. I make essential oil bath salts. If you want, I can make you some. I use all scents, but my most popular are lavender, vanilla and rose. I have egyptian musk and roman camomile too. I add jojoba oil to make them extra soft.

        1. Thank you for the offer, Kelli, that’s really very sweet, but I have so many skin sensitivities that I only use the stuff I make for myself. (I work in the returns department of a company that sells herbs, oils, salt, etc., so I have access to a lot of free supplies!)

    1. I’m glad some of the scent lingered! I try to add enough so that it will provide a hint of scent when you get close to it, but not so much as to be overpowering.

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