An excellent post on all of the tangled issues involved with deity possession.

Gods and Mirrors

Recently, Del Tashlin posted a fantastic blog entry about possession and the agency of spirits. I wanted to comment as soon as it went up, but every time I tried to write something, it wound up too long, or to ranty, or both. I finally realized that my comment needed to come in the form of my own blog entry… so here it is.

You should read Del’s post for an intro to the topic. I’m just going to cut right to the chase.

I want to elaborate on a particular point Del made. He pointed out that when a person being possessed abdicates responsibility for what their body does when they’re possessed, they place themselves upon a slippery slope that leads too easily to faked possessions. I want to unpack this a bit, because Del is absolutely right, and I think it’s worth discussing why.

The blunt reality…

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