I can only agree with this. Although I am not going any aggressive marketing of my store or crafts this year due to my anniversary and my spirit work obligations, I both find a great deal of fulfillment in making things with my hands and find the overt commercialism of this season to be downright sickening, I also have a new rule for myself regarding ritual items, religious images and jewelry, and spiritual tools that I do not make myself: from now on, I will be buying handcrafted, exclusively, where my sacred items are concerned. Not only does this help support other artisans, but handmade is just better!

The Ravens Breath


This is no shock if you have seen my work really (and do please have a look at the link if you haven’t) but I am saying this now because as may be obvious the holiday season is on us.

No, I’m not just trying to sell you ion my craft dear readers.  I am also trying to make a small statement.

I had the unfortunate need to stop into the Wal-Mart on my way home from the in-laws bird eating festivities on Thursday.  So I walked in and it took me 10 minutes to wade my way through the morass of stupidity and negativity that the interior of the building had become just to pick up ONE Item.  I began wading my way back thru said morass to find the end of a line.  I found none.  In those 15 minutes I went from being in a rather…

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