Hail Vidrir!

You sweep through my soul,
Cleansing me with fingers of ice,
Until I stagger indoors,
Drunk on Your kisses.

Not quite a haiku, but inspired by the amazing windstorm we had here in Eugene last night.  I was out in it, of course, with Him.

I know how much destruction resulted, but ever since the Hunt slammed into the east coast on Halloween I have been longing to be out in the wind at night; it was almost a physical ache.  Last night I certainly got my wish!  And we’re still under a wind advisory today. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hail Vidrir!”

  1. That was beautiful. 🙂 We had a storm over the weekend and I had to go dance in the rain. 🙂 Not exactly the same thing drew me out into the pounding rain, but I was called to it and laughed and danced. 🙂

  2. I am unapologetically a storm-seeker. I comfortably hold my parents responsible for this fact. We were the nutters out in the street during lightning storms and hurricanes. I’d like to say that we would keep in eye out for things getting to intense, but that’s really not true. During one of the last hurricanes that hit New England in the previous five years, my mother took her two charges to the coast to watch the waves — and she and the nephew were caught by a wave and would have been dragged out if not for a friend who seized hold of her. It’s a very narrow thing, and my niece and nephew are terrified of storms . . . but even during Sandy, my mother was equal parts apprehensive and excited.

    I suspect that it’s a somewhat healthy attitude. Be prepared, be realistic, but look at what magnificence nature has, in its glory and its wrath. For me, being awed does not render me incapable of feeling sorrow and compassion for those wrecked by storms, nor does it keep me from helping as I can.

    My point primarily is: there’s no shame in being awed and humbled by a wind storm, nor by longing to be in the midst of one, even though others recently were and are still devastated by said storm.

    Also: getting to the market this morning was a challenge!

    1. I have to admit to feeling a twinge of guilt for being excited about Sandy, which is why I did not say or post anything about her at the time, but damn, a hurricane like that on Halloween? What timing!! What a year for the Hunt that promises!! (she said with mixed excitement and dread)

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