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A week or so ago, I posted here about my upcoming dedication of the month of December to Odin, my Husband, in honor of our 10th anniversary on December 4th.  I mentioned that I did not want to promise to post something to my blog about Him for every day of that month, simply because I felt that would place the emphasis (for me, anyway) on interacting with other people rather than going deeper with Him.  While this is still true, and I am not going to promise daily postings, I have thought of an addition I want to make to my plans for the month, and here it is:

Throughout the month of December, I am inviting all readers of this blog to email me your questions about Odin (send them to, or comment to this post), and I will do my best to answer as many as possible here on the blog at some point during the month (or afterwards possibly, if I run out of time).  By this, I do NOT mean your questions about Odin and yourself (i.e. your relationship with Him); please save those for seidhr, or contact me about a reading.  What I mean is, send me your questions about Odin Himself, such as:

1. Things you’ve heard or read about Him somewhere but you’re not sure whether they’re from the lore or are somebody’s UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) that now masquerades as lore, and you’d like to know which.

2. Things you’ve read or heard about Him somewhere that confuse or disturb you and you’d like some clarification.

3. Things you think you’ve read in the lore and would like to try to remember where you read it.

4. Odin’s specific likes, dislikes, associations and affinities, ranging from herbs and stones, to foods and drinks, acceptable offerings, pop culture references, Tarot and runes, what have you.  This last category of questions may be answered partly from research into folklore, etc., and partly from my UPG; I will let you know which, of course.

Examples of acceptable questions, based on the above categories, would include:

1.  “Did Odin really have to subject Himself to wearing female clothing and being used sexually by Freyr‘s male relatives for nine days in order to learn seidhr?”  OR “Is there actually a story in the lore about Frigga being unfaithful to Odin, or was that made up?”

2. “Was there really a Germanic tribe during the Migration Era that was in the habit of draining the blood of captives into large bowls as an offering to Wodan (Odin)?” OR “People keep telling me that Odin is only interested in kings and heroes and wouldn’t be interested in an ordinary person like me today; does the lore ever show Him interacting with ordinary people?”

3.  “Where in the lore does the story of King Vikar occur?” OR “In what saga do the Swedes decide to sacrifice one of their princes to Odin every year for ten years running?”

4. “What herbs are good to burn for Odin as recels (incense)?” OR “What Tarot card associations do you feel Odin has?”

Of course, if you have a question that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these four categories, go ahead and send it!  I’ll answer it if I can, and try my best to find an answer for you if I can’t.  The only types of questions I will not answer as part of this are queries about my own private life with Him and queries about your own relationship.  (Such as, “What is your sex life with Odin like?” or “Can you tell me if Odin wants to marry me?”)  Otherwise, send ’em!

My hope is that this will lead to the collection of quite a bit of Odin-related lore, UPG and trivia here at my blog during the month, and possibly also some interesting conversations.

EDITED TO ADD: I realize the above sample questions look a bit lore-heavy, and I am not trying to set myself up here as a lore-mistress (which I am definitely not).  I have, however, over the years managed to gather quite a bit of knowledge about Odin, as represented in the traditional literature (aka lore), and I think that while UPG is great it’s also important to at least consider the traditional beliefs of the cultures who revered our gods for thousands of years, as a basis for comparison and yes, sometimes as a bullshit meter.  For this and many other reasons, I like to challenge myself to keep this material ready and available for when I need it; it provides a good brain workout, if nothing else!

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8 thoughts on “Ask me about Odin”

  1. I think this is an awesome devotional activity idea, really. A great addition to your plans for next month! Wooohooo!

    1. Thank you!!! Now I only hope I actually get some questions; I will post a reminder and get a page up on on my blog for this closer to the beginning of the month. I did not mean for it all to sound quite so lore-based, but I really want to encourage newer people to at least read and consider the lore, in particular. After that, I would certainly never suggest that people should not go with their inspirations and UPG (I certainly have).

  2. I found the same thing was true for me in the Month for Loki. I thought I’d write every day, but He just wanted time and attention, so that was what He got instead of a poem every day.

    1. Exactly. While I think it’s very admirable to post something every day, it’s not exactly what He’s wanting from me, in this. Even if I do end up posting a lot, He doesn’t want any of those posts to be strained or filler post motivated primarily be needing to post something. He’s also given me some other assignments for the month, such as going through some of my old spiritual journals, and spending quite a bit of time doing specific trance work that is part of my Job this time of year.

  3. I have two small questions to ask that are at least peripherally related to Odin; I hope that they’re okay.:)

    First, I’ve read (in sources-I-can’t-remember at unrecalled times, unfortunately) that Odin’s valknut is a protective but dangerous symbol, and that one who wears it is marked for great trial or even death. Is this true?

    Also, does the day 4 December, or the December month, have significance for Odin? (I ask out of personal interest – my birthday is December 4th, and it’s also the feast-day/birthday of Santa Barbara/Shangó in the Santería tradition.)

    This “month of special devotion” is a wonderful idea. Happy Anniversary, and I hope the month brings you much joy in deeper connection.:)

    1. Thank you!:) These are both excellent questions, and I’ll elaborate further on both of them in December. But for now, just briefly:

      1) The valknut was portrayed on several stones found in Scandinavia (I will dig up some source material on this, but off the top of my head I want to say Denmark and Sweden) alongside depictions of sacrifice to Odin. Thus, it became associated with this concept. There is also a mention in Ynglinga Saga (the history of the Norse Kings, by Snorri Sturleson) of sacrifices to Odin being “marked for Him,” although what this mark was is not specified. But basically, yes, the valknut is rather a dire symbol, and among modern worshipers the meaning is taken as “insert spear here”–in other words, the person marked with it may be taken as a sacrifice by Odin at any time He pleases. When I married Him, I had one tattooed on my back, directly over my heart chakra. Definitely, this is a topic to explore further!

      2) The St. Barbara connection is the only “official” significance for the day that I am aware of, but I didn’t find out about it til years later. For me, the most immediate impact was that I was marrying Him at the height of Wild Hunt season, when He is at His most dangerous, and least sane.

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