Here is a rundown from Naiadis (Jolene) on the recent ritual happenings in our household, since I haven’t managed to get a recap posted yet myself. (For those may not know, “a beautiful lady” is code, in Jo-speak for a female cat. :)) We ALSO made a trip out to the gorgeous, wooded Masonic Cemetery, where Eugene’s town founders are buried, and where I made several new (non-feline, non-living) friends.

My family was pushy this year: especially my father, who I admittedly haven’t paid enough attention to in recent years (he was an artist, surprisingly enough ;P) and my grandmother, who pushed Jo to ask me if I wanted to add Chanukah to our holiday line-up (thanks,, but I don’t) and who wanted to know why I was married to a pagan deity (“puh puh puh”), punctuated with much Yiddish, of course.

Strip Me Back To The Bone

This past Wednesday wrapped up our Samhain observances here at the Nunnery. Every Yule Beth and I sit down with our respective calenders and line up our festivals for the coming year. Last Yule we would experiment a bit with the astronomically-decided dates and observe the ones that we do observe based on the astronomical dates rather than the calender dates. It wasn’t something we’d explored yet, and especially toward the end of the year, when our days are crowded with festivals, observances and the like, we thought it would give us a bit more room so to speak. Samhain was the last one for us and we’ve decided that we don’t like doing it this way. It bothered me less for Samhain, but that’s because we had observances for “both” Samhains. There’s something to Beltane being the 1st of May that was missing with Beltane being the 5th of…

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  1. Between the Chanukah comment and the, “You need a mezuzah!” um, yeah. She’s certainly pushy. Not that *I* have room to talk about pushy family members. 😉

    Also, what else would “beautiful lady” mean?? Silly woman.

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