More on Pringle, this time from Jo, with more pictures and some heartrending memories.

Strip Me Back To The Bone

When it became apparent that we neglected to have Val spayed early enough, the joke at the house was, to Angel, who, while being the wrong species, was about the right size, “If any of these kittens come out blonde, you are going to get fixed!” A couple of months later, half of that ill-fated litter came out white. Of the four, Princess (officially named Eowynn, though she very quickly became Princess — she just acted all prim and proper from the beginning, and she certainly ruled her daddy) and her brother, Siggy, survived birth. The other two were stillborn. Siggy managed to survive three weeks, three weeks of intense hand-raising, sleepless nights, and many vet trips. He never thrived, never managed to walk. Princess, however, had no problems at all, not in the beginning. She was our beautiful, randomly Siamese-colored, baby kitten who tolerated her mother but adored her…

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