Jo’s guest post at The Henderson Files!

My partner, the uber-talented fantasy fiction writer Jolene Dawe (who will also be familiar to some of you through her Strip Me Back to the Bone blog),  had a guest blogging spot today at The Henderson Files (an indie publishing blog) to talk about her book, The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales.  While I realize that most regular readers of my own blog are going to be pagans, Jolene’s book of short stories inspired by (and written for) the many spirits living in and around our home town of Eugene, Oregon will be fascinating reading for you if you’re at all interested in the concept of “spirit of place”–and also, it’s common knowledge that many pagans enjoy well-written fantasy fiction.  So go check out the guest post, and then check out the book; you’re in for a thoroughly enchanting read, I promise!  (And yes, I am biased, but I also know good writing when I read it.)  Bonus: there’s even a Kindle version!  (Something which many pagan writers should provide–knowing how much we pagans love our electronic gadgets–but don’t.)

P.S .  Yes, the photo above is Jolene, with our dog Corbie J.  I know, he is adorable, right?


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