Am I blue?

Well no, not really, it’s just my hair.

(***cue the cymbals***)

But seriously, folks, yes, I have taken the plunge and I now have blue hair–or blue streaks in my hair, anyway. This is the first time ever, in my entire life (all 47 years of it), that I have succumbed to the lure of a hair color that does not exist in nature (for mammals).  I have done so in honor of my god-husband Odin, whose color it famously is, as an early 10th anniversary present.

Blue is apparently one of the hardest weird hair colors to maintain, but my Beloved is enjoying it so much that I’ve determined to do so at least through the Yule/Wild Hunt season this year. And after that? Who knows, this may just become an annual tradition of mine for the dark half of the year.

My hair is shorter now, as well, and I have mostly stopped wearing the head coverings. Some of you, who either found me by way of my PaganSquare blog, Threads, or read my defense of pagan veiling on that blog only last month, may be a little taken aback by this change. But don’t be. I still support the practice of veiling for those who feel called to maintain it, including my partner. But although I of course still honor Frigga and the various other Ladies who encouraged me to adopt the practice (Anne Boleyn and a group of other medieval spirits I’ll collectively refer to as the Queens–for that is what they are), I belong to Odin first and foremost. I am His bride, and the others I work with understand that my allegiance belongs to Him first, as He is my husband. And Odin? Is among many other things a god of changes, as well as disguises. (“Masked One” is among His many, many names.) He likes it when I occasionally challenge myself by changing my appearance a little, shaking up my sense of identity; it is fitting.

Surprisingly, strangely, I am finding that the blue hair makes me feel veiled; after all, it does mask my hair, in addition to setting me apart from the “norm,” just as my scarves did. But also, the blue color makes me feel as though I am wrapped in Him, in the folds of His cloak. I need no other covering.

Author: Beth

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11 thoughts on “Am I blue?”

    1. *BLUSH* Thank you!!! Although from what I’ve seen, Loki gets His share, too.:)

      The pendant is a bead from our local bead store, Harlequin (which is actually an Odin-connected name, though I’m sure the store owners don’t realize it). They do have a website too: The bead is raku clay (it’s a real bottle, too!), and I just added a couple of brass jump rings and the chain to make it into a necklace.

    1. Thank you! This is right up there with all those things I thought I would NEVER do. Tattoos, sure, piercings, why not, but blue hair?? LOL.

  1. I am, *ahem*, oh *so* surprised and shocked that the hair dyeing is making you feel as veiled as, you know, veils were. Really. *cough* Shocked.

    That said: I *love* the blue. So much that I want to toss purple into my hair, for real. So, we’ll see . . . .(I also want to just henna the whole thing, and so, it’s a toss up . . . .)

  2. Looks fab actually! I dyed my hair for years so can give a tip or two as needed, but looks bril! Special Fx dye lasts considerably longer than most colours if you’re inclined.


    1. Thank you!! I’m trying Manic Panic for a touch up currently, in a slightly darker shade of blue than the Splat color, after a lot of people recommended it. (And wow, the color selection is sure better!)

      1. Manic Panic is okay selection wise but it doesn’t stay for long. For more staying power the Special FX works a treat but it is pricier. Enjoy!

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