So very much of my spiritual life has been built around the concept of choices, of choosing–not surprisingly, considering that Odin’s Handmaidens, the Valkyries, are called Choosers.  The act of choosing, of cutting off some options and setting in motion others,  is  an almost godlike power, and a recurring theme with Odin.  Recently, as the temperatures begin to cool and the autumn–my busiest time of year, spiritually–looms, He is calling on me to once again examine how I am spending my time, where my focus is, how my energies are spent–and to make choices.

For a good part of the past year, a lot of my time and energy has gone into my yarn Etsy store.  Now, this is not in and of itself a bad thing.  I learned to spin in the past year, and I enjoy it and am not about to stop doing it, especially since it has a very real spiritual dimension for me, with its connections to Frigga and to the  Norns and the working of Wyrd.  There are also other crafts I want to continue doing, most of them with spiritual applications (such as the spirit  dolls, some more crocheted jewelry, and some botanical formulations) that I want to explore further, and let’s face it, I will always probably be making more of this stuff than I can use myself, so I will always need an outlet for selling them.  Offering them for sale also opens up the possibility that they can be partially self-funding hobbies, instead of simply very expensive hobbies.

On the other hand, it takes a LOT of time to photography items and post them to the store (I have five or six skeins right now that I’ve been putting off posting), and then there’s all the marketing stuff, which would really eat up as much time as you’d care to put into it.  And while I’d love to be making my living from crafts, that doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon, at least while I’m still working full time, and even if I worked part time or not at all I would have to spin a LOT of skeins per week for it to equal what I’m bringing home from my customer service job.  Not that I’m giving up hope on someday being the focus of one of those Etsy “Quit your day job” articles, but in the fiber arts world this kind of thing takes time.  You have to become known, your skeins have to become coveted, and then you can command the prices someone like Pluckyfluff or Ashley Martineau commands, in addition to earning money from teaching and such.

In the meantime though, the amount of time I’m putting into trying to make my fiber store successful is not supportable.  I don’t have the time or energy to do absolutely everything, and put simply, my life is supposed to be about being Odin’s wife, rather than about being a merchant.  It’s time to step back a bit, become less driven and less desperate about my business, and allow it to develop organically….which is the only way it’s going to develop, anyway.

This will open up, most importantly, more time to spend with Him, be with Him  .  It will make more time for my spiritual studies, for trance work, and for getting my health and stamina in shape for the Yule/Wild Hunt season that’s just around the corner.  And it will even make more time for the other crafts I’ve been wanting to explore or revisit.  One offshoot of the latter is that I’m planning to start a second Etsy store, a new shop for spirit work-related crafts and botanicals.  It won’t be something that I really push, or even advertise outside of this blog, but as I said, I can’t possibly use everything I make.

Author: Beth

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4 thoughts on “Choices”

  1. While I have to say I am curious about your other etsy store… the point that I wanted to comment on, is that we are always making choices, even if we are too young, or don’t realize we are making them, and that those choices open and close roads along the way… it’s the way we shape our lives (intentionally and not)

    I think when we stop and listen, and take an active part in the choices we make, we don’t find ourselves bucking the path as much. But making choices is also a determination of worth, isn’t it? What is worth your time/energy at that moment? You only have so much and if you spend it here____ you can’t have it to spend here____. It sets up limits and boundaries of what is important to you.

    Lets face it in mundane reality some things are needed you’d rather not do, but housing and food are important details, so you do your best to make it worth your time. There are times that I spend a great deal of time/energy on/for others, and times when I just need to step away and refocus.

    Thanks for making me think a little deeper on these things tonight

    1. Yes, the things we choose are where our energy goes, and where your energy goes on a daily basis becomes your life–whether you realize it or not. It is being able to dissect those choices that gives you the ability to take control of where your life is going, and this is what Odin has always stressed to me. Choosing to spend time on the mundane necessities does take that time away, but it also gives you the assets–shelter, resources–you need to free you to do other things. Even that is a choice, though.

  2. Imagine being in similar places in our spiritual practices! Who would have guessed it?

    Teasing aside, it is regularly a good idea to walk ’round your foundation and make sure that there’s no cracks or areas of weakness in said foundation. It’s important to pull back, take stock, and go forward from there, putting attention where attention is needed.

    I am still so very excited by your passion for your craft, and inspired by it. Having had the honor of walking the past decade with you, I know how much finding and embracing fiber arts in your life means to you. Such a passion can (and is) very easily be threaded into the fiber of your sacred calling (ah, I am so *very* clever) but that doesn’t mean it becomes the whole, hehe, cloth, if you will.😉 It is not enough to sustain you, because it’s not enough. Especially if you’re focusing not exactly where you need to be. Emphasis on need — as in your needs, as in your poor, neglected needs. Round peg, square holes. You know. Stuff.

    You are awesome. And amazing. And so is your fiber products, for what it’s worth. In case there’s any doubt.

    1. LOL!!

      Yes, walking around the foundation every now and then is good, and necessary. Learning to spin has been crucial to my embracing of the fact that my primary path in spirit work is that of a maker–not a path that people speak of very often, and perhaps not as glamorous as ordeal mistress or shamanic healer, but hey, if it’s good enough for Gunnlod, and good enough for Frigga…

      And yet, however much a part of my life spinning and the fiber arts may be, however much a part of my Craft they become, they are NOT my life…because that spot is already taken.:)

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