Some exciting news!

First off, I apologize for being so quiet around here lately, and for not uploading the photos from Black Sheep Gathering.  (Hopefully I will get to that this weekend!)  I have been suffering a fibro flare-up post-BSG as a result of being on my feet for two days straight for that event and the work of washing my fleeces, which does involve more heavy lifting than I probably ought to be doing.

As for my exciting news though: I am now a featured blogger for the Witches and Pagans magazine PaganSquare blog.  I was approached by the editor, Anne Newkirk Niven, a couple of weeks back and my first post just went online yesterday.  If you like, you can follow my new blog (Threads: Exploring Frigga, Fiber and Fate) here.

I find it incredibly amusing that, after my having basically said “F you” to any notion of pursuing a career as a writer, something like this happens.  It’s also rather ironic that–given the fact that most of my religious and spiritual focus has always been on Odin–it would be my thoughts on Frigga and spinning that finally lead to a break in the world of pagan publishing.  Go figure.  (I can almost see the Norns snickering.)  But the blog should be fun, and I hope you’ll join me there!


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