Supplies for class, plant dyes, and Fensalir Fiber update

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My 2-day “Camp Puckyfluff” workshop with Lexi Boeger is coming up in only two short weeks, and I am SO excited! Yesterday I went through my supplies list and stopped in to Eugene Textile Center to pick up a few things:

Supplies for Camp Pluckyfluff Eugene
Supplies for Camp Pluckyfluff Eugene

My purchases included Mohair fleece, recycled silk sari ribbon, whole silk cocoons (with the bug still inside; I actually have a project for my store in mind for these), silk chiffon and cotton lawn fabric, green mohair/Merino yarn, and an assortment of  decorative lace weight cone yarns, for plying: stainless steel, red wool with stainless steel, and tea green silk with stainless steel.  You can’t see these very well in the photo, but they’re really beautiful and shimmery.  I was also eyeing some pineapple fiber lace  weight that I may sneak in to pick up next week (I’m having buyer’s regret that I didn’t get it).

I keep saying I’m going to finally get a lazy kate, but there always end up being things I want or need more!  My shoe boxes are working just fine for now anyway, thank you very much. 🙂

I also received mail happiness this week in the form of a pound of Gotland/Merino cross fleece and a pound of gorgeous Lincoln locks, from Shepherd’s Lane on Etsy.  So I am very well set with wool, until Black Sheep Gathering at any rate!

I am currently dyeing half the silk and cotton fabric yardage with coffee grounds, and will be dyeing the other half with madder root later this week.  Although I’ve been getting some fabulous results with the Jaquard acid dyes, I’m feeling pulled towards experimenting with plant dyes (and kitchen waste dyes) again, and hope to be able to go out and harvest fresh flowers and leaves for the dye pot too now that the weather is finally getting warmer and the rain is tapering off.  The bright acid dye colors are really pretty, but the softer effects of the plant dyes are more “me,” more aligned with my personal aesthetic, I think.

(As an aside, I am thinking the cotton lawn fabric would be the perfect material and weight for handsewn head coverings! I’ve been playing around with sewing these myself, but need a lighter weight fabric for summer, and I love the idea of dyeing it myself with plant dyes, for results that cannot be found in any fabric store.)

In honor of Earth Day, I also got a start of my dye plant garden today, with madder seeds:

Madder seeds
My flat freshly planted with madder seeds

I hope these do well, since I haven’t been able to find any starts for this plant anywhere!

Oh and almost forgot: this week’s Fensalir Fiber Art update on Etsy includes Border Leicester in Cherry Blossoms (the perfect spring color!), California Bling (California red wool with green-copper sparkle), and Cotswold Glitz (silver Cotswold with marcasite sparkle.)

Border Leicester in Cherry Blossoms
Border Leicester handspun yarn in Cherry Blossoms

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