This was the view from my front door (in Eugene, Oregon) at 7 am on Wednesday, the second day of spring:

Beautiful, yes (and it satisfied a secret longing I’ve been harboring for the white all-enveloping silence of a snow sky), but getting to work was nightmarish, since the lovely city of Eugene does NOT know how to handle snow at ALL.  (There were no snow ploughs out on the street until after 8, and never any ice or sand at all–yes, I know, I can sense you east coast folks squirming; believe me, I feel your pain!)  I finally made it in at 11 am after two hours standing on ice in the snow and rain–which was not good for my Raynaud’s (a circulation condition involving the absence of capillaries in places in my fingers and toes, making the possible consequences of frostbite rather serious), and my toes are aching tonight.

Added to the wind storms we’ve been having, this surprise snowstorm is also reinforcing my growing impression that spring is as much Wild Hunt season as Yule is, here.

We’re supposed to get more snow tonight; I’m hoping the weather forecast is wrong because I would dearly love to get paid for tomorrow, but I don’t think I can go through that kind of ordeal twice in one week.

The dog doesn’t quite know what to make of it all:


8 thoughts on “Surprise!”

    1. It’s very, very unusual. We’re actually in the Willamette Valley. At higher elevations in Oregon this would be far more common, but we generally get 1-2 light snowfalls per year if anything at all. This kind of accumulation is freakish…though of course, two days later it’s just about all gone!

  1. Wow, that is amazing! Here in Upstate Western Ny we are worried about flowers and trees blooming & budding too early because of record breaking temperatures reaching the 80’s! I think we have each other’s weather, that should be us. But I might just blink and it’s here, lol.

    1. This kind of weather is why we left the east coast. (We came here from Philadelphia, PA.) I work in customer service and yesterday my co-workers were saying that every customer they spoke to on the phones said it was 80 degrees in their part of the country. LOL.

  2. Ha yea, the dogs expression is pretty much how my cats look when we get snow here. We had a terrifically mild winter though, so didn’t have to deal much with it this year. Thank the gods!

    1. I don’t remember us getting any snow at all last winter, though I’m told we did. If so, it certainly was’t anything like we got this year!

      1. Last Winter (as in, Winter 2010) there was A LOT of snow here–with an ice storm as well! I was so ready for a mild winter. Really though, I could do without winter altogether 😛

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