My Fensalir Fiber blog is now open for business

It even has a re-introductory post and a new, bright and shiny layout.  Come see!

Now that I’ve finally got that all set up, I can get to work on the other new blog I have planned for release in May.

What other new blog, you ask? Ha! Wait and see…;)


2 thoughts on “My Fensalir Fiber blog is now open for business”

  1. Cool beans. I’m curious to see this new blog of yours…you have left me in suspense. Blessings.

    P.S. For the longest now your feed hasn’t been showing up in my WP reader (where it says ‘Read Blogs). Have any idea why it’s not working?

    1. I don’t know what the feed issue could be about, honestly. I will have a look at it this weekend and see if I can figure it out. (Maybe if I delete it from the blog and reinstall it…? Computer tech is really not my forte!)

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