Another seidhr schedule change, and a few important notes on my practice

As mentioned in a previous post, my oracular seidhr session for May Day, originally scheduled for Sunday May 6th, will now be taking place on Saturday, April 28th (right before Walpurgisnacht).

Also, it has recently come to my attention that the oracular seidhr page on my Gate of the Slain website (which is a fairly static site at this point) was badly in need of updating.  I have made some edits to that page, but since the changes are really important ones and I don’t want to mislead anyone, I am also publishing them here, below.

There is no charge for my oracular seidhr services, as this is a gift I offer to the pagan community and in service to my gods and spirits (especially Odin).

However, please read on.

I know that in the past I offered, on this page, to add additional oracular sessions to my schedule upon request.  I will no longer do so for the following reasons:

1) In the elder Heathen times, in Scandinavia, oracular seidhr was not a common occurrence.  The saga of Erik the Red describes one such session in detail, and the sense is given that it was a fairly rare event, reserved for times of great need.  Even among modern practitioners, it does not take place frequently, as it is a fairly demanding rite involving deep trance and usually requiring the assistance of at least one helper.  Even more than that, though, in the course of my years of seidhr practice I have come to the conclusion that, just as the Havamal cautions against making too many offerings, it is not a good idea to ask the gods too often for information about your future.  There comes a time at which we must take whatever guidance is given and act on it to the best of our ability.  There are no absolute assurances and the gods expect us to make our own choices and our own mistakes; this is what life is for.  I suspect this is why the ancient Germanic pagans did not do this rite very frequently.

2) I currently work full time during the day and have chronic pain issues, and in addition to that am trying to get a small business off the ground and write a book (on working with Odin).  So although I have occasionally been known to add an additional session to my schedule (this year, I added one in February), I really can’t afford in terms of time or energy to be doing this on demand.  The sessions really have to happen according to a pre-determined schedule.

This being said, if you email me a seidhr question when I am between sessions, I will be saving it for my next pre-scheduled session, and will not be adding an additional session for you (sorry!), as this rite is just too demanding for me to do so.  I will email you back, though, to confirm that I received your question.

If you feel your question is urgent and cannot wait until my next session, I have a new option available: I am available by appointment to do a Tarot or rune reading for you for a fee of $20, payable in advance via my Paypal account.  These readings can take place either via email or by chat.  If you choose chat, we will agree on a mutually convenient time and the reading will be limited to 30  minutes.  If you choose email, I may need 24-72 hours to reply with your reading, as I work full time, but I will get your reading to you as quickly as I am able.  I prefer not to do phone work.    Depending on the situation, there may be light trance involved on my part during your reading and if there is a message for you from one of the gods that comes up during the reading I will definitely convey this to you, but of course I cannot guarantee that such a thing will happen.If you would like this service, make your payment to via Paypal, and then email me at explaining your situation and specifying whether you would like Tarot or runes.

I am sorry but I cannot at this time provide free Tarot or rune readings.  Depending on the situation, though, I may be open to barter.  If you would like to propose a barter, please email me and explain the situation, as well as what you will offer.  I hold to the principle of Gebo in this (a gift demands a gift), so some form of exchange must take place.

I will be adding a page to this blog with more details about my Tarot/rune reading services, as well as additional spiritual services I will be offering on a prepaid basis, in the near future!