FYI: Updated Seidhr schedule

I’ve made a few changes to my oracular seidhr schedule for 2012; you can see the new dates in the sidebar on this blog.

The scheduled session for today will still happen as planned, of course, but it made me realize that–since we are celebrating the cross-quarter holidays on their astronomical dates this year (rather than the calendar dates), in a couple of instances I scheduled a seidhr session for the day we have a ritual planned–which, for us, is over-scheduling.  As a result, we are moving our Ewemeolc to tomorrow, but keeping seidhr where it was.

I also realized that, as a rule, Sundays are going to work better than Saturdays for seidhr, because there are seldom any errands or other responsibilities we need to take care of on Sunday, thus making for a more tranquil situation all around. 🙂