Necklace scarves

Just a quick Etsy-related note: I have the first half-dozen of my new necklace scarves uploaded to the store, with more to come as soon as I can get them on there. What are necklace scarves, you ask?  Little handspun luxuries, designed to cocoon your neck in coils of skin-soft Merino wool, silk, alpaca, Mohair, and other delicious fibers, hand-blended (and mostly hand-dyed) to bring you the ultimate experience in style and warmth.  See for yourself!

Also, it snowed here today (it was absolutely breathtaking this morning during my trek to the wetlands, even if it did make for a very slippery walk for me), so I am wearing one myself today.

Did I say something, a few weeks back, about missing the east coast?


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