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I have some exciting news (exciting to me, anyway): at long last, my new Etsy store, Fensalir Fiber, is open for business! The shop features unique art yarns hand spun by me and inspired by all of the obsessions that form the basis of my life: magic, folklore and fairy tales, the spirit world, special local places and power spots (in and around my home in Eugene, OR), the natural world, and the ephemeral world of dreams.

fensalir fiber on etsySome of the yarns in this first batch include wool from rare heritage sheep breeds such as Polwarth, Romney and Navajo Churro; as I’ve mentioned before, supporting these endangered breeds by buying and using their wool is something I care deeply about, so this will be an increasing trend for the future of my store. Many of the designs incorporate wool hand dyed either by others or by myself, including dye made from berries, roots, barks, lichens and mushrooms. Hand-dyeing my own wool–using professional powders and drink mixes in addition to plants–is an activity I’ve found more satisfying than I could have guessed; it appeals deeply to my kitchen-witchiness, the same part of me that loves to brew mead or concoct herbal oils and potions. The opening product line-up even includes my very first hand painted skein, which has an organic, rustic look I’m quite pleased with.

The debut of the store has been a long time coming. I’ve dreamed of having a yarn and fiber shop since before I actually had a spinning wheel, but of course the entry into my life of Miss Wheelamina Ashford, my vintage Ashford Traditional, last July, is what made this dream a real possibility. Wheelie has been a good teacher for me, and we’ve gone on to do very well for my first few months of spinning, I think. But of course, I still have a great deal to learn, and lots more spinning I plan to do–so there will be frequent additions to the store, because I’m going to be producing much more yarn than I could possibly use myself. I’d like to eventually add kettle-dyed and hand painted rovings designed by me for others to spin as well. And some of my yarns (as well as wool in other forms) will be showing up later this fall and winter in my other store, incorporated into jewelry and personal accessories as well as various curious objects for your home and altar.

But for now, if you knit or crochet I just may have the exact yarn you’re looking for! Don’t knit or crochet?  Many of my yarns are designed for embellishment purposes, and could also be used in a variety of other crafts such as dollmaking, scrapbooking, home decor, or felting, or even for tree trimming or other decorating projects for the holidays.  Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for?  Well, as I said, I will be adding more offerings on a regular basis, so stay tuned!  I am also open to commissions, however, and would love to spin something special just for you.  I will also spin your pet’s fiber into a special yarn as a keepsake.  Just email me and we’ll talk!

In the meantime though, go have a look!


6 thoughts on “Fensalir Fiber on Etsy”

  1. I am obviously very excited about this — even if it means you aren’t spinning exclusively for me, anymore. 😉 The colors are amazing. the blending is great, and I can’t wait to see what other folks think of your fiber! On top of that, I’m so proud of you, for getting this accomplished. I know it’s been a dream a long time in the making.

    1. Thank you!!! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your support, of course.

      And can you believe I’ve already been featured in a Treasury on Etsy? How’s that for a morale booster?

      1. Well, you know. I *am* amazing. I am wildly ecstatic over how well-received your store has been, already. I still wish there was a “touch me” option on Etsy, though. Someday modern technology will catch up . . .

        I wish that the Navajo-Churro was more skin friendly; it’s terribly gorgeous as a fiber. You need to get some done up so we can test the whole floor pillow covering theory!

        1. Looks like I missed two comments, yours and one from Shelley, though if you look at the date I’m sure you’ll understand why. Yes, an Etsy “touchh me” option would totally rock, and I’m sure I’d sell a lot more yarn if it existed!

  2. Greetings. I’ve been quietly following your blog for a while now and I just wanted to say I really dig what you have going on here. I don’t know jack about fibres or spinning but, nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how you weave it into everything else you do (pun not intended). I love the new header and I hopped over to your Etsy shops and really liked what I saw. Again, I don’t know jack about yarns and stuff but they looked rather inviting so I may have to learn how to do something with them in the near future. Blessings.

    1. Hi and thank you! 🙂 I see you’re in the process of starting a blog too, and I look forward to seeing what you post there.

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