The Legacy of Spinning and Fairytale Yarns

I’ll admit it: I’m thoroughly enamored with the history of handspinning, spinning wheels, and textile production.  So I couldn’t resist sharing this Etsy Treasury on my other blog.

ALSO, I am shooting for an October 1st launch for my new Etsy store, Fensalir Fiber: Fairytale Yarns.  Of course, I may well end up taking a day or two longer, but this is the plan.  To help publicize the new store (and the new blog), there will be a GIVEAWAY.  So, watch this space (as well as the Fensalir Fiber blog) to find out what you’ll need to do to enter.

And the most exciting new of all:  it rained today, which means that–finally–fall is starting in earnest!  I will be posting more about that, and my fall/winter religious festival calendar, in the next few days (as well as my very seasonally appropriate experiments with hand dyeing using mushrooms and lichens).