A note to prospective international customers at Wytch of the North on Etsy

I owe you guys an apology, really. I’m not sure why, but I have been under the impression, all this time, that it’s a lot more expensive to ship to other countries than, in fact, it really is. Now, there are some things in my shop that I probably can’t, legally, ship to your country, and I apologize for that. The bone jewelry being the primary example, of course. However, there are things I can ship, and although I don’t have international shipping profiles posted—yet—I do want to let you know that I will happily create one for you, for any item I can legally ship, if you’re interested; just convo me (ladyrosamonde) on Etsy. For most small items that weigh only an ounce or two—which would be the case with most of my items–I discovered that I can ship via international first class for only a few dollars. How did I not know this? Again, mea culpa. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually.

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that, even with all the time I’m spending spinning up offerings for my impending new Etsy store, Fensalir Fiber (if you haven’t seen it yet, the companion blog is already online here), I haven’t abandoned the Wytch of the North shop, nor will I be doing so. Once the weather gets cooler (a process which, thankfully, has finally begun here in Eugene) I will start posting some new, non jewelry items that can’t be shipped very successfully in warmer weather. And there will probably be new jewelry, of a different sort than I’ve offered before, showing up sometime during the winter as well.

AND, while I’ve got you here, check out tonight’s spinning adventure, involving Polwarth top (in the course of which it is revealed yet again that Wheelie really does know best).

Speaking of which, I owe THIS blog some real content soon, too!