The Shaman’s Path

Now that I’ve grabbed your attention with the alluring title, the abovementioned is an Etsy Treasury I just had to share with you guys. For those who may not know, Treaasuries are member-curated collections of favorite pieces on Etsy, generally organized around a theme. I’ve been fortunate enough to be included in some really gorgeous ones, but I have to admit this is my favorite to date. My Ice Princess Caribou Antler spirit ally necklace is featured alongside some truly stunning and spirited pieces; you can just feel the energy pouring forth from the computer screen. Go take a look! This is an extremely well-timed selection too, with the heavier-woo (for me, anyway) fall season just around the corner. (Please gods, because I don’t know how much more of this heat I can stand!)

In other news, I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been about a week since my last post, mostly because the heat has been too dreadful for me to sit for very long in the living room, which is where our cable modem connection resides. (We’re back to not having wireless, until such time until we get a router–but that, I hasten to add, is NOT a priority.) The pup continues to recover nicely, though he’s still on crate rest, and I’m still spinning away, though now with an eye towards setting up a nice beginning inventory for my new Etsy shop for handspun yarn and knitted accessories, which I hope to debut at some point between my birthday (September 22nd) and Samhain.

Wheelie (that is, Wheelamina Ashford, my spinning wheel; ahem) and I had a minor tiff last weekend, in which she decided that she wanted to throw her drive band continually. (Yes, my spinning wheel has a name, as well as a very decided personality–not surprisingly, since she’s almost as old as me.) Needless to say, this made spinning difficult, and resulted in my being more than a little annoyed. However, as Jo reminded me, she is a vintage spinning wheel and cannot be expected to behave as if she were brand new. Having just installed a 3-speed flyer the week before that, I should have known to expect some possible alignment difficulties, since her wheel was set up to align itself with the huge single whorl on the original flyer, and not the medium whorl on the new one. Then I found this online:

From: (Richard Ashford)

Regarding a drive belt falling off an old Traditional: this can occur as a result of the spinning wheel getting knocked out of alignment or following the fitting of a new flyer. Please try the following:

1) Loosen the screws (or bolts on later models) holding the wheel support legs and single leg to the side rails. Then twist the complete frame of the wheel. As you do so you will observe that the wheel and flyer whorl can be brought closer into alignment. Then retighten the screws (or bolts). If the frame pulls back to its original position retry this operation a couple more times with the frame in slightly different positions. If this doesn’t help then try:

2) Measure how much the maiden bar needs to move horizontally. Remove the screws securing the hinges to the maiden bar. Mark where the maiden bar needs to be reattached and make new pilot holes with an awl or drill. Then reattach the maiden bar.

3) Another possibility is that your wheel may have warped and as it rotates it can flick the drive cord off. The only solution then is to obtain a replacement wheel from your local Ashford dealer.

I trust the above will help and wish you renewed enjoyment from your spinning wheel.

Yours faithfully
Richard Ashford

I tried suggestion #1, and so far, so good. As a result of this, Richard Ashford is my current new spinning hero, even surpassing Judith MacKenzie McCuin in my affections.

I have also ordered her a polycord drive band, which I’ll be picking up at my LFS (local fiber store) this weekend. I’ve seen several owners of vintage Traditionals say that it completely changed the way their wheel spins (for the better), and I’m hoping it will help keep her in alignment better than my current old cotton cord that she came with. (She utterly rejected my attempt to replace this cord with a newer one; the new ones are too thin and flimsy, apparently.)

As soon as it’s no longer too disgustingly hot for me to spend more than half an hour at a time on the computer in the living room, I’ll be debuting my new fiber-centric blog, a companion to the forthcoming new Etsy store. The new blog will function as my online spinning and knitting diary, and will save those of you who are here for runic and other assorted witchy posts from being bored by my obsessive fiber and spinning rambles. At the same time, people interested in the fiber posts (and hopefully my handspun yarns and other fiber-related Etsy items) won’t need to be scared away by my more out-there posts on seidhr, runes and working with the dead, or my freaky God-spouse self. I’ve never been much of a fan of compartmentalization, but since the goal is to grow my fiber endeavors into a mainstream business that can help support me as I get older, more fibro-impaired, and possibly less able to work at a full-time office job, this is a needed step. I will post all relevant information and links here, of course, for those who may want to follow me over to my more mundane digs, and this blog will continue as my online spiritual diary.


4 thoughts on “The Shaman’s Path”

  1. Very neat treasury! It must be a day for that since I just made and shared one for Druids. I’ve added your shop to my favorites (I’m Changelingart) and will keep an eye on your offerings!

  2. ETSY is a truly, evil, evil place (grins)! The heat has been something else this summer, eh? I finally bought myself an A/C and am very glad I did. Glad to hear your sweet little dog is doing better too. Wheelamina!? Ha, ha! Very clever. That’s great you solved your drive band issues too with a little bit of help. Damn! I liked having everything in one place here. Not often I find a blog where almost everything discussed is something I’m interested in. But yeah, I can understand why not everyone wants to hear about spinning wheels and such . . . Actually, no, I don’t understand that but I can bend a little. 😉

    1. I’m actually a little more concerned about the potential yarn customers who may not want to hear about the witchy stuff. (As opposed to the theoretical people who don’t want to hear about spinning.) However, that said, my yarns for sale are going to have a decidedly Northern Trad/witchy feel to them, so there is bound to be a tiny bit of overlap. I just don’t want to scare away anyone who is fine with there being a paganish vibe to my store but maybe doesn’t want to know about everything I’m into.

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