Notes on various things

I seem to have developed my first spinning crush, on Judith MacKenzie McCuin.  This woman can do virtually anything spinning-related, it seems.  Watch here as she spins marled sock yarn effortlessly:

Over the weekend, I attempted to replicate this process from the instructions in her book The Intentional Spinner (which I highly recommend!), and although my results were okay, it was not the graceful operation (for me, at least) that she makes it appear to be.  A lot of this just comes from lots of practice, I’m sure; still, this woman is phenomenal.  (Jolene says she’s jealous.)

The elderberry dye produced champagne and soft beige shades on my yarn pre-mordanted with alum; I have a feeling I’d have to add iron to get more purple tones, which I’ll try next time (though the results I got are still lovely; photos forthcoming when I get a chance to post them).  The smell of the elderberries simmering on the stove made me want to make up a batch of elderberry mead, which I may do in the next week or so; the last batch I made was divine, and it’s a wonderful mead for Yule.

The weather is starting to get a bit crisper and there has been mist in the air the past couple of mornings.  My thoughts are starting to turn toward fall, and the more active spiritual/woo season the cooler weather brings for me.  I can hardly wait!


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  1. I don’t even spin (on a wheel)(yet) and I’m envious of how effortless she makes it look. The video should have a disclaimer “warning: do not attempt to look so good at doing this or you will fail utterly”.

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