Photo Thursday: Yarns!

I seem to be lagging a day behind on all my scheduled posts this week, and will try to get back on track next week.  There will be more photos posted over the weekend, but for now here’s a look at some of the yarns I’ve completed so far with my new wheel:

From left to right: natural grey merino, natural cream Corriedale cross, Corriedale cross dyed with madder root, grey Shetland dyed with madder root, and natural grey Shetland.  I’ve also spun a bit of camel, angora, and blue faced Leicester, and am hoping to get a couple more plant dye experiments underway over the weekend.

And now for something completely different:

I’ve been working so hard at practicing my worsted draw that I decided to have a little fun tonight.  This is Lincoln lamb from Hedley Grange on Etsy, spun to let some of the curly locks hang free–my first attempt at a novelty yarn.


7 thoughts on “Photo Thursday: Yarns!”

  1. I like the looks of the novelty yarn, Beth. It looks so soft!

    The colors of the first batch are lovely! If I knew how to do it, I’d find those colors around me (or close matches atleast) and knit/crochet me an afghan of the grey, cream, and the second one from the right (grey shetland dyed with madder root)~

    1. Yikes, I missed your comment somehow; sorry about that!

      Thanks! 🙂 Dyeing yarn with madder is super-easy (as you can see from my last post), but if you don’t want to do it yourself, just wait til I open my new Etsy store!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Everything I’ve done so far is a variation on thick and thin (even my thin yarns are thick and thin, just on a smaller scale), but I don’t think I’m doing too badly for only my second week with the wheel.

  2. Looking good! I like that second skein from the right. Was that the last one you spun by any chance? Yup, the thick and thin thing happens in the beginning. Trust me, once you start getting it uniform, it will be hard to achieve that look again when you do want it! I kept some of my first skeins to gauge my progress and keep some early memories. One I really liked I crocheted into a bag for some runes.

    1. Thanks! Actually, the second skein from the right in the photo was my third or fourth skein; I spun both the Corriedale skeins, and then both the Shetland ones. The most recent one pictured is the first on the left, the natural grey merino (which is in my elderberry dye pot right now).

      I’m spinning much more finely the past few days, though its still not as uniform as I’d like. I’m getting there, though! I think the additional whorl sizes will help.

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