Wytch of the North

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve changed the name and address of this blog and the name (though not the address, for simplicity’s sake) of my Etsy store.  I think the new name better reflects my overall focus both spiritually and artistically, and feel good about being able to define both my online presence and my artistic aesthetic more precisely, especially in light of the reflections I discussed here.

My introspective spring is leading into a productive (though unfortunately also hot and sticky!) summer, and I’m back at work transforming my inspirations and inner visions into wearable art and herbal creations!  I’ve posted a few new pieces to the store this week (the first installments in a new jewelry line honoring the Northern goddesses), with more on the way, and I have some new oils and bath salts brewing, too.  Come take a look!



2 thoughts on “Wytch of the North”

  1. I use to have that tarot deck!! And then I lost the connection I had with it and knew it was time for it to move on to a different home. But I loved it, especially that card and The Magician/Cerridwen~ 😀 And I love that creation that you’ve displayed with it!

    I know about changing names to better suit your path. I’ve done that a few times–with both journal names and personal ones. For the longest time I went by Krystalraven (and had a livejournal under that same name), but now I’m Willow Rose and have a feeling I will be for quite a long time 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂 And it is a nice deck; I don’t really use Tarot much (I prefer runes), but I collect the decks for the artwork.

      It isn’t a name for me, only for my business and the blog; I’m still just Beth. 🙂 But yup, exactly.

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