For the Fathers

Just wanted to say a few quick words on the fathers in my life, since today is the day for that (even though mostly a Hallmark holiday). There is, of course, my own father (the one who raised me), Reginald John Lynch–30 years dead now, an alcoholic and often sick from a prolonged battle with brain tumors and lung cancer during his last years, but still adored by me during the brief time I had with him. He was a painter, and is likely responsible for instilling in me my own artistic sensibilities (since my mother had no leanings that way); he has been in my thoughts a lot these past few weeks while I’ve been experimenting with a new jewelry medium that involves a lot of painting, with much of the beginning guidance he gave me in childhood in the back of my mind as I work. When I was a very little girl I decided he was really Yul Bryner from The King and I (one of my favorite movies in chidhood), and that this proved that I was indeed a princess. I hail him today, and of course also my birth father, who I have never met but who I understand is responsible for my fair coloring and whatever Scandinavian/Germanic blood I have.

And then, more immediately, there are the divine fathers in my life: Buri, father of all the Northern Gods, His son Borr, father of my Beloved, Odin, and Odin Himself–who, though He obviously does not have a paternal role in my life, does serve in that capacity for many of those devoted to Him, including my partner, and at any rate is, as King of Asgard, the Allfather, Father of His people, in addition to being Valfather, Father of the Slain.

And so, hail to the Fathers, both those in my own life and all of the others out there, both mortal and divine! May you all know the love of your children this day.


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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I wish I’d had the chance to get to know my Dad better–but then, I’ll bet a lot of people wish that.

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