Lady Rosamonde at the Alternative Energetics & Metaphysical Faire

my table at the eventYesterday, as planned, I shut down my Etsy store for the day and Jo and I headed out to the Alternative Energetics and Metaphysical Faire, an event hosted by Eugene’s local CUUPS (Covenent of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) chapter, of which my friend Shale Vaughn (a Pagan shopowner and fabulous Freyja‘s woman) is Chair.

Given my ho-hum first vending experience a couple of months back at the Winter Market, I really wasn’t expecting much in the way of sales, just hoping to make some local contacts and get more exposure for my work.  I brought along some of my older knitted jewelry pieces, but the focal point of my table was the Tree Spirit Vessel Necklaces, along with the new batch of All My Relations animal totem jewelry I’ve been working on, which will be hitting my shop in the next couple of weeks.

Well, not only was there a great turnout  for the event, and not only did I end up having a great time hanging out with Shale and meeting a bunch of new people, but I had SIX sales!! (Including one of my brand new necklaces, a higher end piece that hadn’t even been posted to the store yet–and now never will be.)  My Selkie necklace sold to a lovely young woman who kept coming back to it, afraid that if she bought it she would run away to the ocean–and then she finally gave in, and said she was off in search of her sealskin; obviously, that particular piece had been waiting for her all along! (I love it when that kind of thing happens!)  I also sold one of the Tree Spirit necklaces (Crabapple), the raven earrings, and a few of my herbal products, including some Nine Herbs Oil, and my Rose and Geranium bath salts that have not yet made it to the online store.  Not bad at all for my second vending experience ever!  The bat earrings were given away in response to a story about having been cuddled by a baby bat (seriously, how could I not?), and my last remaining dream poppet was donated to the fundraiser raffle.  (There will be no more dream poppets–that line is finished–although there may be some single herb or “duet” herbal dream pillows.)

The day was an important sign for me that I need to plan on doing more in-person vending in the future, since it seems my stuff sells better that way.  It also showed me that there’s a vibrant, interesting pagan community here in Eugene that I shold be getting more involved with, where some of my talents as a Odin’s priestess, seidhrkona, and wyrtwita might be welcome assets, and where there are people I could learn things from as well.

I also had fun browsing the other tables and talking with some of the other vendors, and picked up a filigree ring with a vintage rose for me and some alligator teeth to use in my jewelry.  And we were fed some delicious homemade chicken soup with biscuits; all in all, a fantastic Saturday!

In closing, here’s a sneak peek at some of the new items coming soon to Lady Rosamonde’s Garden on Etsy:

coming soon to lady rosamondes garden

When the new items debut there will be a HUGE sale of all the older jewelry so stay tuned!

I’ve uploaded some more photos of the new items and the table to my Flickr account; you can take a look at them here!


6 thoughts on “Lady Rosamonde at the Alternative Energetics & Metaphysical Faire”

  1. The Rose and Geranium bath salts are *wonderful*! I used some of them yesterday and I could feel the love and sweetness 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you like them! 🙂 I’m wearing my new ring today, and it really helped to brighten my Monday! (Once again, you NEED to get an Etsy store for your lovely jewelry!)

  2. So glad your in-person sales went so well, Beth~ 😀 I really wish we had more of a Pagan community here in Indy that I was able to get involved with–I envy those of you that have such a thing.

    1. Thanks! And even in places where there are lots of other pagans around, there are bound to be some disappointments when dealing with other people; we’ve certainly had our share (some of them major!). But I always try to remain optimistic and at least give people a chance. We aren’t “joiners” as such, since both of us have practices that are by necessity very solitary, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get together with others occasionally to socialize and share ideas. 🙂

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