Another commission: Apollo spirit doll

Apollo spirit doll

This one was a custom order for my friend Renee, so the conceptions are partly hers and partly from inspiration I received directly from the god in the process of making His doll. 

Handsewn from cotton flannel, Apollo is approximately 9 inches tall with clothing handsewn and designed by yours truly. Apollo is not a god I deal with a lot personally, but His persona came across to me as a curious mixture of teen punk rock star and college professor, and his outfit demonstrates this: he wears linen slacks with a black tee shirt trimmed with snakeskin-printed fabric (a reminder of Delphi) and a professorial-looking courdoroy jacket with leather collar and pocket. His necklace is hand-crocheted nettle yarn and goldtone wire with a bee pendant. (The Homeric hymn to Apollo alleges that the god’s gift of prophecy first came to him from three bee maidens.) His hair is a mixture of natural fawn-shaded alpaca and dyed mohair in shades of bronze accented with shots of bright yellow-green; I was definitely going for a flame effect here! His wings, made from dyed feathers attached to felt using acid-free, archival quality craft glue, attach at the shoulders via sewn-on snaps.

All of my spirit dolls include a handsewn red flannel heart that contains a bit of herb, a stone, and an essential oil (or two), plus sometimes non-herb material such as tiny amount of animal fur, that evokes the deity in question, either for me personally or for the customer.  Apollo’s heart contents: a bay laurel leaf, iolite, and bay laurel and cypress essential oils.

In case anyone is wondering, yes I DO take commissions for these!  My price is generally around $40 plus shipping, but could be somewhat lower or higher considering the cost of materials used, with half payable in advance so I can purchase said materials.   Turnaround time is usually 3-4 weeks.  Now that I have internet access at home again I’ll be making sure there are photos for all my commissions and other sold dolls posted at my Flickr account for potential customers to browse, but in the meantime you can see most of my previous dolls by exploring the “Sold” ink at my Etsy store.  Or you can search for “commissions” right here at this blog.


8 thoughts on “Another commission: Apollo spirit doll”

  1. for anyone reading this who might be hesitating about ordering a doll, let me say they’re worth it! I have three of Valgrind’s dolls: Frau Holle (custom), a mermaid, and Hekate (custom). They all do indeed have a life of their own. Hekate’s doll is serving as a statue in the little shrine for Her that I keep.

    Apollo is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much for the testimonial! *g* One of the reasons I started making these is because there are only statues available for *certain* deities, and not others; also, a custom-made doll gives a devotee the chance to participate in shaping an image that fits with their inner knowledge of the deity, and that of course can never be mass-produced by a statue company.

      1. One of the reasons I started making these is because there are only statues available for *certain* deities

        Even the ones that do exist for those deities are often not that great. It always amazes me how few Apollo statues exist, and most of those, I tend to find their aesthetics to be rather objectionable. It really doesn’t help matters when your conception of a deity’s appearance is rather wildly divergent from traditional conceptions of them.

  2. Ooooh, I love Him! Very appropriately firey! I will paypal you the balance by this weekend.

    1. I’m so glad!! I’m always a little nervous when a customer sees a commissioned doll for the first time. But I went with what He was saying to me, as I always do with these, and it hasn’t gone wrong yet.

  3. Haha I was so confused at first–my given name is Renee but, I’ve never dealt with Apollo and didn’t request a commission! But that is a beautiful doll you’ve created. I may someday request a commission from you for one of these. My three main deities are Odin, Brighid, and Freyja so it’d be of one of them~ 😀

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