And still more changes…

Which seems to be the theme for me this year.  This time they’re at my workplace, and once again bearing the mark of Odin’s hand as He pushes me closer to where I need to be in order to lead the life I oathed to live in September last year.  The long-term impact of the current changes will be good, but in the short term it’s adding even more stress to what’s already been a stressful year.  In the (very) short term, it will likely mean I can’t get online as much (since it will be more difficult for me to do so during breaks at the office), but that problem will be remedied on March 22nd, when we will once again have wireless access at home.  (Woot!) In the meantime, I finally have my crafting area all set up at home, and have been busy finishing up a doll commission (photos forthcoming in a few days) as well as working on the Tree Spirit Vessel necklaces and planning some new products for the store.  I also have a few posts nibbling at my brain and will make them if I can, but I just wanted to reassure my readers that I’m still here, even if I’m quieter than usual for the next few days.


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