Divination via Halls Vitamin C wrappers?

A motivational poster contest inspired by Tigger
Image by monojussi via Flickr

Jo bought me a bag of Halls Vitamin C drops, and I was amused to discover that the wrappers now have little slogans on them–sort of like Dove’s chocolates , except that these are more like the sayings you’d find on those annoying motivational posters.  “A Pep Talk in Every Drop”(TM) is how Halls is marketing them.

However, the phrases on the first one I pulled out this morning were especially appropriate right now,  given what’s been going on in my life this week:

  • “Let’s hear your battle cry!” (Especially apt, for a Valkyrie.)
  • “Put your game face on.”
  • “Bet on yourself.”

Hey, if the gods can talk to us through song lyrics, snippets of conversation overheard by chance, and randomly encountered signs and billboards, why not vitamin C wrappers?


2 thoughts on “Divination via Halls Vitamin C wrappers?”

  1. Hehehe oh geez…I noticed those on my cough drops some weeks back, the ones I saw really made me groan at the time, though I forgot about them until I saw this (though maybe subconscious memory is what made me avoid Halls last week and go for the Ricolas when I needed cough drops!)

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