In my end of year post for 2010, I talked about how stable the past year had been  for me.  Well, it’s barely 2011 and all of that is about to change  Yesterday we had word from our landlords (who currently live in Prague) that they are in deep financial trouble and need to sell the house we’ve been living in since our arrival here from Philadelphia in late 2008.  Since we can’t afford to buy the house (things are strained for us as it is), we are going to have to start looking for another place to live.  We’ve also made the difficult decision that it would probably be better (for them, as well as for our chances of finding an apartment or duplex) if we were to rehome some of our eight (yes, eight) cats.

For this alone, 2011 already looks to be a more challenging and traumatic year than 2010, but considering my chronic illnesses (which may force me to switch over to part time work at some point) and the fact that we are barely scraping by with our current rent, this will probably end up being a blessing for us in the end.  I’m also reminded that the only constant in the life of Odin’s own is change, and that the closer one is to Him the more change there will be.  2010 was a stable year, which gave us a breather so we would be better able to face this.  And considering my oath near the end of 2010, something like this was really bound to happen.  It had to, to make room for the pieces to fall into place for me to be able to begin living the life of service I’ve sworn to lead.


10 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. *hugs* Having to give up cats is tough enough, I hope the rest of it is must less rough on you two and that it puts you in a better place to live as you need to for yourselves and the gods.

    1. Thanks! It is going to be a really rough time, but hopefully when it ends we’ll have a more sustainable situation. In so many ways we’ve been living on borrowed time and beyond our means since we got here; that had to end eventually.

  2. Prayers for a good home and prosperity for you both, and love for the kitties. I do wish again I could take one or two, but now it’d be even more difficult.

    If you ever need me, you know I am here.

      1. Oh, I still plan to do that. Once I am done with school and have some semblance of a new job I can start looking at such travels. 🙂

        1. Yay! And I’m sure our current ordeal will be over and we’ll be settled in a new place by then.

          We’ve already lined up homes for two of them, by the way.

  3. Sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to comment before this, been a little brain fried. I am so sorry this is happening to you guys. It will be good to be in a less expensive place where you don’t have to struggle so much, but my heart breaks at the thought of you giving up your pets. I’m grateful that Eugene is a very cat friendly place where there should be something you can do for them where you’ll know they’ll be okay. Though I know that only makes it a little easier.

    If you need any other help from us, know that we’re here for you. Yes, we’re a little busy now too, but only until this weekend. Shoot us a message, give us a call, anything you need.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m really glad we’re forced to find homes for some of them in Eugene, rather than back in Philly where we’d have to worry that they were going to end up as bait in a dog fight or something else horrible. This is going to suck and break our hearts, but we can make it; we’ve been through worse.

    1. It’s a huge relief, though in a heartbreaking kind of way. They’re our two most recently acquired kitties, too: Luna and Heidi. Luna need a lot more care and attention that we can give her, and really doesn’t like living with so many other cats, and Heidi loves everyone but would probably enjoy more one on one attention. And both are going to people we know (co-workers of Jo’s), so there’s the chance to still see them occasionally.

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