Oracular Seidhr for the Ice Moon

My next oracular seidhr session will take place on the Ice Moon, Wednesday January 19th, shortly after dusk.  Oracular seidhr is a visionary trance tradition practiced in pre-Christian Scandinavia and mentioned in the Icelandic sagas.  I have been practicing my own version, which is mostly spirit-taught, for about five years.  The gist of what I do is that I go to the Well of Wyrd in trance and while there can put questions submitted to me before the gods and spirits.  I also sometimes scry into the Well itself for answers.

For more details on my practice, please see this page; it will be updated soon, however, as there are going to be some changes and additions to my practice this year!  If you would like to submit a question for me to take to the Well, please email me.