New offerings for Yule

white lady III hadn’t originally planned on releasing any new jewelry designs for Yule, but then over the weekend a few stories came to me demanding to be told, so I have three new necklaces to show you, with at least one bracelet on the way. 

Selkie necklace I have always been a storyteller at heart.  My artistic goal for each piece I create (each doll, each piece of jewelry, and even each fragrance) is to tell a story, to evoke a sense of timeless legend, a step into an enchanted world. 

If, when you see one of my creations, you feel a sense of recognition, then perhaps that piece is asking to become part of your own story, to be woven into the fabric of your personal myth.Briar Rose II necklace

 All of my jewelry creations are knitted with wire and yarn, semi-precious beads, pearls, crystals, and sometimes bone, shell, or other animal parts.  They offer a chance to own a unique, wearable work of art suitable for any fashionable witch or anyone who loves folklore and otherworldly myth.  Why not make one of them your personal jewelry talisman?

tomte spirit dollAlso, I finished the first in a series of spirit dolls I will be offering based on the folklore of northern Europe, England, and Germany.  My tomte doll is crafted from new and upcycled materials, including plant-dyed wool felt hand-embroidered by moi, and ready to come home to you this Yule.

And I’ve saved the best for last: from now through December 31st I am offering a special coupon code.  Just enter YULE2010 for 20% off ANYTHING in the store!


7 thoughts on “New offerings for Yule”

  1. Oh! I remember reading stories about the tomte when I was a kid. It was on one of those listen-and-read-along cassette-book series and I can still hear the voice of the storyteller… funny what comes back! Yours is wonderfully detailed.

      1. Considering the size, materials you use and lovely detailing, not pricey at all. People pay more than that for a mass-produced, made-from-recycled-plastic plushie from Toys R Us!

  2. That sense of recognition is exactly what I felt when I saw the first Briar Rose necklace you made. Glad I was finally able to afford it, heh! Your new necklaces are lovely, though. Hope they find new homes soon!

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