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Odin drinking from the Well of Wisdom
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Last month at the dark of the moon, I talked a little about my work with Bestla, Odin’s mother, and how my work with herbs is under Her tutlege, as well as that of Her Son.  In my UPG, it was She who schooled Odin in wortcunning (one of my biggest pet peeves is the widespread belief that He learned all of His magic from Freyja, or from the Vanir in general; this is NOT the case, as He learned a great deal of magic both from His mother and from His maternal uncle, Mimir).  However, Bestla’s approach to the  herbal arts is rather unique, seeing herbalism specifically as a form of spirit work–in this case, with the spirits of the actual dead plants incorporated into herbal formulas, and through them, with the living spirit (or oversoul) of the plant species as a whole. For example, in Bestla’s approach, you may be working with Chamomile as a living plant spirit, but you still need to remember to honor and pay for (and I’m not talking about monetary payment here, but payment of some part of your energy to the plants themselves) the dead chamomile flowers that were harvested for your use.

This week I’ve been taking a bit of a break from actively working on products for my Etsy store in the wake of my recent oath, and to give myself time to heal from my tattoo.  During this quiet period, I’ve been meditating a lot on this particular path of herbal work, and what part it will play in both my own spirit work and the products offered in the store.  I’m feeling nudged to pursue this further right now, instead of waiting, and there have been a few external signs, too, that this is the direction I need to take.  And so, tonight (once again on the dark moon; how quickly the month has flown by!), in addition to my usual offerings to Bestla I will be playing with essential oils in order to develop the very first aromatherapy blend for Lady Rosamonde’s Garden, which will hopefully be available (at least on a limited basis) in time for Samhain.  I’m so excited about this, I couldn’t resist posting to what amounts to a teaser about it, here; it will be very seasonally appropriate, and especially geared towards those of us who work with the dead and whose Work involves walking the boundaries between the worlds.

In addition to this aromatherapy oil (my own original blend, with input from my gods and spirits), I will also be debuting a traditional Hoodoo formula for spiritual housecleaning (successfully tested a number of times by me) in the coming weeks, as well as  some pretty new dream pillows, perfect for holiday gift-giving. And if you’re shopping for jewelry or dolls, I know the shelves at the Garden have started to look a little bare, so there will be more Halloween-themed (and after that, Yule-themed) earrings, a few bracelets, and at least one new Litchcraft Poppet very soon. Stay tuned!