Two new doll commissions: Hekate and Frau Holda

These were completed for a dear friend of mine.  As usual, sharing them here to give you more of an idea what’s possible with custom orders, and will also be posting them to my Litchcraft Poppets set on Flickr.

HekateHekate has a dramatic velvet cloak, mauve highlights in her hair that didn’t quite come out in any of the photos I took, and a dress of shimmery ochre and black trimmed in black velvet.  She wears a key pendant and has a dog charm on her belt.  Heart contents: black buffalo bone, yew needles, poppy seeds (from my own homegrown Papaver somniferum flowers), garlic, and cypress and fir essential oils.

Frau HoldaFrau Holda wears a traditional apron dress of white velour trimmed in blue satin ribbon and white faux fur, over a cotton chemise with a blue and grey snowflake-like print. Her fur stole, which you can see better in the rearview picture below, is made from real coyote fur, and her necklace is adorned with a thimble charm.  Heart contents: clear quartz, elder berries, wool roving, a bit of my handspun yarn (wool and baby alpaca), and lavender and ylang ylang essential oils.Frau Holda coyote stole


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