New: Strength Amulet and Poison Apple Earrings

I’ve just added two new jewelry items to my Etsy store!

Strength amulet with buffalo toothThe first is a Strength Amulet necklace, made with a real buffalo tooth.  For me, this necklace resonates strongly with Uruz, the rune of raw power and vitality.  Along the ancient Germanic tribes, a test of manhood was to slay an aurochs (one of the enormous, and now extinct wild cattle–similar to our North American buffalo–that once roamed freely across Europe).  If a young boy could accomplish this feat, he would thenceforth be considered a man, and would take the horns of the beast–and also possibly some other wearable trophy, such as a tooth–to display proudly as proof.  This necklace juxtaposes the raw power of the tooth with a delicate filigree of copper wire lace, demonstrating that true strength is not always a matter of brute force but also of balance and finesse.  Freshwater pearls are added for resilience and smoky quartz for grounding. A fitting trophy for female spiritual warriors of today!

Poison Apple Earrings

My second new item this week is these Poison Apple Earrings–straight from Snow White’s wicked stepmother! Glamorous black chain dangles are adorned with ceramic apple charms, silver/gray and vivid green crystals, green calcite, glass leaves, and black buffalo bone. Leverback earring wires.  These would be the perfect finishing touch for a Halloween costume, or you could wear them to work on Halloween to add a touch of holiday spirit to any outfit.


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    1. Hi Christina,

      This is a very old post and I’m afraid these have long since sold. I have switched my creative focus to fiber arts, but if you like you can take a look at the jewelry I still have available on my Wytch of the North etsy shop. Thanks for your interest! 🙂 ~Beth

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