Hermes (another commission)

Hermes poppetLast week, I completed my second custom order: a Hermes poppet, for a friend who is close to Him.   This doll is a good example of how a commissioned work can follow a customer’s personal UPG (unverfied personal gnosis) very closely; the tee shirt, jeans, trench coat, red hair, black wings, and charms all correspond with how my friend sees her patron. The heart contents (ground coffee and smoky quartz) also match her vision, while the essential oils used (cypress and fir needle) were selected by Hermes Himself.

The doll also presented me with a couple of engineering challenges, since I had never done either a trenchcoat or wings for a doll before.  The wings are black felt made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, with black feathers hot-glued to them.  The real accomplishment, though (which was my partner’s idea) is that they are detachable, via snaps sewn onto the back of the wings and the back of Hermes’ trenchcoat.

You can see more photos of this doll, including close-ups of the charms and a rearvew of the wings and coat, on my Flickr page here.


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  1. I meant to comment earlier, but I just wanted to say that we both love your creation- Gavin is, of course, absolutely thrilled with Him. I might have to comission an Apollo doll from you sometime soon…

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