Our wetlands tour

I was going to sort through my own photos of this to post, but why not post the much better ones taken  by our staff photographer instead? The herb company where I work is located right on the edge of the gorgeous protected wetlands (can anyone say bogs?) right here in Eugene, Oregon, and last Thursday and Friday two groups of us were taken on a two hour tour guided by members of the Willamette Resources and Educational Network (WREN).  (Do I have a great job, or what?)

I was in the group that got to see the garter snake (a gorgeous, brightly colored little guy with yellow and orange markings) but not the crawfish.  (And when I got home from work that day, there was a garter snake dozing in a pile of cut grass outside my front door, too, so it was a happy snake day!) You can see me in a few of the photographs; I’m wearing a skirt with a black flowered hoodie and have red hair in a ponytail.  (In fact, there seems to be one photo just of me, bending down to examine a plant–probably the pennyroyal growing abundantly in the wet prairie right now).

Anyway, you can take a look at the whole collection of photos here.


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