Litchcraft Poppets on Flickr

Just wanted to let everyone know that I uploaded photos of all the Litchcraft Poppets I’ve completed to date (11 so far, minus a 12th that can’t be revealed yet) to a special set on my Flickr account, which you can take a look at here.  It’s interesting (to me, at least) to see the progression of my work; my most recent dolls definitely show the results of everything I’ve learned since I first began making these. 

Anyway, I wanted to have photos of them gathered in one place because several have never been posted to Etsy, and also to give you a better idea of what’s possible with commissions (and so far, commissions are turning out to produce some of my best work–which is not really surprising since the deity being depicted typically steps in to guide the process when the doll is being specially made for one of Their own). Keep watching the Flickr page; I’m working on several special orders right now, so there should be new dolls posted there soon!