New Aesclepius Dream Poppet, and a CLEARANCE SALE!!

I’ve just posted a second Aesclepius Dream Poppet (for healing dreams) to my Etsy store.  This new poppet is identical in every way to the original Aesclepius poppet, which sold almost immediately after it was posted, except that the new doll features two satin ribbons (kelly green and mint green) instead of only one.  (Take a look at my Epona Dream Poppet if you’d like to get an idea of how the two ribbons look.)

Dream Poppet for healing

Also, ALL of my Dream Poppets are now on clearance with a price of $8.50 (a savings of $4 off the original price!), plus shipping.  So if you’ve been considering the Dream Poppets, now is your chance to snag one at an unbeatably low price! But hurry, because after these sell out they will only be available in the future by commission.

For those who may be new to the Dream Poppets concept, they are essentially dream pillows in doll form, stuffed with a mixture of herbs traditionally found to enhance dreams and encourage certain types of dreams. Each doll also features a gold or silver tone metal charm selected on the basis of that particular doll’s purpose, as well as ribbons in colors that support the magic.  (For example, the Aesclepius doll wears a caduceus charm—a traditional symbol of healing and the medical arts since the time of ancient Greece—and his ribbons are green, a color that supports healing.)  In addition, the dolls have each been energetically charged with their intended purpose by me, a practicing spirit worker and witch.

What herbs go into a dream blend? Traditionally, most dream blends (including the one I use) contain the following:

Rose petals – anchor the dream in feelings of safety, security, and loving warmth

Mugwort – helps with dream clarity and recall; can also encourage prophetic dreams

Chamomile flowers – encourage relaxation and pleasant dreams; also aid in falling asleep

Lavender flowers – aids in relaxation and rejuvenation and healing of the body during sleep

Rosemary – wards against bad dreams and aids in dream recall

Hops flowers – induce relaxation and peacefulness

All of the herbs I use in my dream blends are either certified organic or free of chemicals, and the blend itself is enhanced with pure steam-distilled essential oils (aromatherapy grade) as well as orris root, to fix the scent.  They are made from 100% cotton (sheet-like material, cool and comfortable for sleeping) and designed to last for years.