Presenting WyrdWorks Adornments: one of a kind wearable talismans from SubRosa

Folkvangr necklaceWhy WyrdWorks? The Germanic/Norse concept of wyrd has often been compared to the idea of fate. It is not really the same thing at all, being both more complex and less deterministic. Nor is it comparable to karma, which carries connotations of punishment and reward. In attempting to explain wyrd to those new to the concept, those of us in the Northern traditions often resort to metaphors drawn from the fiber arts, especially spinning and weaving: wyrd is woven by the Norns (otherwise known as the Wyrdae, or wyrd “sisters”) out of the thread spun by the goddess Frigga. (What She is spinning from is another question. Some people suggest it is the materia prima or raw stuff of creation–celestial roving, as it were.)

Fensalir necklaceSo, Frigga spins and the Norns weave, and what emerges from their weaving is the pattern of our lives–the warp and weft of our daily routines, the repeated motifs of our favorite themes and of our obsessions, and unlearned lessons, the occasional gleaming thread that marks the moments when we shine, the occasional snag where we mess up. But where this model differs from that of predetermined fate is that we ourselves share in the act of weaving. We can take the shuttle into our own hands, or at the very least add bits of precious thread and shiny beads to the fabric, weaving magic, promise and joy into our lives. We can add strands and patterns of depth and meaning, of truth and devotion, passion and purpose. We can help direct the pattern and flow of the fabric–and through it, the fabric of all those whose lives touch our own. And the more we do this, the more beautiful, inspired and precious is the cloth that unfurls from the loom.

The Well and the Tree necklaceWith WyrdWorks Adornments, my purpose is to craft a line of not simply wearable art but wearable talismans and in some cases wearable shrines: jewelry and other accessories designed to act as signposts along your path as you actively weave your wyrd in partnership with the Norns and the Gods. Appropriately, all of the offerings in this line are hand knitted or crocheted, wrought from gleaming wire, opulent luxury yarns, sparkly crystals, and carefully selected charms and semi-precious gems. My emphasis is on the contrast between the different materials and different visual and tactile textures–hard minerals and metal combined with soft silk, cotton or wool; plush or fluffy yarn set against clay, glass and metal charms and shiny gems–but also, more importantly, on meaning, relevance, and magic. Much of my work draws its inspiration from English and Northern European folklore and myth, since that is the spiritual tradition I call home (though certainly you do not need to be from the same tradition in order to wear and enjoy these pieces, much as the same work of art can speak to a variety of people in different ways). Other pieces are inspired by nature (especially that of the breathtakingly beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I live), or spun from dreams, fancies, and the enchantment of fairy tales with their primal language of wonder and mystery.

Snow White necklaceI hope you will find the talisman you’ve been seeking in my first batch of offerings, something that calls to you and will not be denied. But if not, don’t dismay; there will be more to come, and I am always open to working with you to craft the jewelry talisman or wearable shrine of your dreams!


9 thoughts on “Presenting WyrdWorks Adornments: one of a kind wearable talismans from SubRosa”

  1. Oh wow. These are turning out *amazing*. You will definitely be receiving a commission from me at some point, once I figure out exactly what I want it to represent.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 The best part is, I really do love making them, too; I’m hoping I get some sales so I can afford to buy more materials! LOL

      I think I will probably be commissioning a bear necklace from you at some point, too…

  2. So, so beautiful. I love how they’re all different. You’ll never be able to make the same one twice! Similar, yes, but never the same. I love how great they look in person. I love how much you love making them. These are so, so awesome!! You need to make bracelet versions.

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