A custom order: Freyja

I recently completed my first commission, a Freyja doll, which I am sharing here both because she’s my most elaborate doll to date, and to give you an idea of the range of custom work I can do, should you be thinking about a doll of your own:

Freyja poppetrear view of Freyja's feather cloak

Freyja is made from hand-stitched flannel with hair of dyed curly mohair locks in an extravagant mix of bright crimson, gold, and copper.  Her chemise is burgundy satin with an apron dress of gold silk trimmed with Czech glass beads.  Her necklace is (appropriately enough) made from huge chunks of genuine amber (supplied by the customer) with a copper cat charm.  Heart contents: amber resin, rough garnet, more amber, and red rose petals.

She (Freyja, not my customer) insisted on the the falcon cloak, which is made from pheasant feathers, lambskin, and plant-dyed wool felt.


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    1. Thanks! 🙂 She’s my favorite so far, too! (I wish I could make a cloak like hers sized for me; I probably could, but attaching the feathers would take forever, lol.)

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