Brick and mortar

lichcraft poppets goddess diana and goddess kali, and dream poppets for romance and healingBy request of one of the owners of the Metamorphosis Healing Retreat and Midnight Garden Apothecary, two specially designed Lichcraft Poppets and two Dream Poppets are now available exclusively at her pagan/metaphysical store here in Eugene OR.

The two Lichcraft Poppets deserve a closer look, because they are both in a way departures from the dolls I’ve made so far.

Kali goddess doll

This is my rendering of the Hindu goddess Kali.  Her heart contents are bone, hibiscus, red sandalwood, and mace essential oil, her necklace is made from bone skulls and buffalo bone beads, and even her symbolic girly bits are made of bone.

Kali goddess doll

Perhaps her most spectacular feature, though, is her hair of hand-painted mohair in shades of claret, gold, and burgundy, seen at right.

In contrast, here is my portrayal of the Roman goddess Diana.

roman goddess diana

I chose to interpret her attire in a modern light; this is what I could imagine her wearing today.  Her heart contents are laurel, moonstone, jasmine, and fir essential oil, and her necklace is made from grey moonstone, seed pearls, white coral, and crystal.  She wears a bear fetish, dagger charm, and crescent moon crown.

roman goddess diana lichcraft poppet

Here is a closeup of her hair, hand-painted mohair in shades of lavender, gray, lilac, and soft blue.

Making both of these dolls was an interesting experience for me, since I don’t have a lot of experience with either of these deities, yet They were both hanging over me as I worked to make sure I was getting it right.  Diana was especially adamant that She be portrayed as the huntress She is.

To round out the selection, there are two new Dream Poppets: the Celtic god Aengus mac Og, with a fairy charm and cherry quartz bead, for dreams of romance, and the Romano-Celtic goddess Coventina, with a watering can charm and jade bead,  for restful healing dreams:

dream dollsOf course, all of these dolls are available only at the store, but it gives you a better picture of the range of dolls I can create–and I do quite happily take commissions!

For more detailed photographs, visit me on Flickr.

And if you’re in the Eugene area, be sure to pay a visit to the Metamorphosis Healing Retreat and Midnight Garden Apothecary! It’s a great little pagan shop specializing in artisan gifts, and there are oracles available on Wednesdays too!


7 thoughts on “Brick and mortar”

  1. Gorgeous, I especially love Diana’s clothes, and Kali’s hair! Will get to see these in person later today, as I’m going to pick up Sannion there.

  2. I figured you’d be there today. I was there for a while last night, to set up the dolls and visit with Shale & George. I love the hand-painted mohair, too; I’m kind of hoping these don’t sell til after Jo gets back, so she’ll have a chance to see them in person.

    Oh, and I saw your jewelry there; it looks great. I especially love the bear fetish. 🙂

  3. Yay! That’s so awesome. Even before Shale told me that you had stopped by I saw your lovely dolls sitting in the counter and was so excited and happy for you. They look amazing – and I think they really like being there. My favorites are the Kali and Diana. 😀

    1. Thanks! 🙂 And yeah, those two obviously were the most involved to make, and it was a rather intense process too, with the two Ladies in question (whom I otherwise have had very little to do with) leaning over me the whole time I was working on their dolls to make sure I got it right. I hope they both find good homes!

  4. They’re so beautiful! I swear, each Lichcraft doll you make becomes my next favorite. Kali especially turned out gorgeous. Oh, oh, I want to see them in person *now*.

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